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Awkward Season 2 Episode 10  Well, well, well. While I was really enjoying Season 2 of Awkward from the beginning, I have to admit now I was a little worried. To me, it just felt like the writers were spinning their wheels a little too much with the whole Jenna-Matty-Jake triangle, and did not know what they wanted to do with them. Also, you can never be sure if a series simply lucked into a great first season, so we are naturally afraid the second one will pale in comparison. This is all my roundabout way of saying that Awkward has really hits its creative stride this season these past episodes, and tonight was absolutely no exception.

Ultimately, Awkward Season 2 Episode 10  I knew when Jake found out about Jenna and Matty’s past that would be when everything kicked up a gear, I merely did not expect the payoff to be this good.

Awkward Season 2 Episode 10  Then we have Matty, a kid trying to make amends for his assholish ways last season by stepping up and forcing himself to be the mature. Finally there was Jenna, a girl not simply losing her boyfriend, but somebody that has watched her world crumble around her so many times in such short order. Exasperating the situation was the very public nature that everything has taken.

Awkward Season 2 Episode 10  I should have known that it all would have gone public when everything was revealed, making it more than just between the primary players and about Jenna’s ever-growing reputation. All season long Jenna has benefited from slowly becoming anonymous again. Outside of her little PA system mistake, she has been able to hide away. Once again, her life is on display for the world to see and judge. Awkward has always done a great job of framing the effects that gossip and notoriety have on normal kids in high school, and this episode was no different. Sure, Jenna made the situation worse by publicizing her blog, but that is exactly the type of dumb mistake a high school student would make and you so desperately want to reach through the television screen and stop them.

Yes, Awkward is a very funny show and can be heartwarming at times, Awkward Season 2 Episode 10  but at its very best it is a biting commentary of contemporary teenage life. God I missed Becca! The character is flat-out hilarious, and was the perfect counterpoint to Sadie’s form of bitchassness. Also, it was great to see Ming getting back involved in the storyline.

Awkward Season 2 Episode 10  So Sadie is back to full on bitch, eh? Jenna’s dad does a very typical divorcee thing by buying her a car to bribe her, and Jenna’s mom reacts accordingly. Part of it was that she was interacting with adults, but the other part was her role with the kids has been minimal. No Ally?! Nooooooooooo! I need that crazy woman in my life on a weekly basis.


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